Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A New Schedule

At the beginning of the year, I wrote about coming up with a schedule that works for us. It was an unusual schedule with us not starting school until 1:30pm but it worked wonderfully for us. We knew when things were going to happen and we were getting things done. I was thrilled; it was the first time in my life that I had a schedule that actually worked.

Then the sky fell.

Sam's taekwondo school changed their class schedule as was no longer offering day time classes. His classes moved from 10am-12pm (a perfect time for us) to 4pm-6pm (the worst time for us). Regardless of where we've gone, I like to be home at 4pm. It's time to wash up any dirty dishes, cook dinner, and relax.

I tried rearranging the schedule but it wasn't as simple as swapping the old time for the new time. The old schedule had us finishing history, cooking dinner, and eating during the new class time. Scott solved part of the dilema by taking over taekwondo duty. I could still be home to cook dinner and have it ready to eat. It seems simple to solve the rest, right? Just do history duriung the old class time. It wasn't that simple; I used his class time to do my grocery shopping (Safeway on Mondays and Albertsons on Tuesdays), run my other errands (one of the other days), get some cleaning done, and have Mika do her DVD writing class.

I tried getting us to start school earlier but it just wasn't working. Sam can do school in the morning but Mika and I just aren't wired that way. We are definitely not morning people. Regardless, we tried starting school earlier. I found we weren't getting it done and I had lost by valuable grocery shopping/errand/cleaning time.

Well, for whatever reason, my brain had a temporary moment of clarity Monday night. I was finally able to work out a new schedule based on the old one. While I had to cut back on the amount of time scheduled for history and science, we are back on track. I'm back to being involved in history and science is back to being done daily. Cleaning and laundry is getting done and slowly things are getting back under control. It's only been two days but I can see that we're back on the right track and that feels good.

I'll share the new schedule in a couple of days.

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The Four Week Vegan said...

Glad you found a new schedule that works. It is so annoying when you have a great schedule and then some outside element changes it.