Thursday, May 21, 2009

Good Big Brother

It took a while, but Sam and Josh have finally clicked. At first, I think that Sam was just too intense for Josh; he has a tendency to be in your face and a bit too loud. He's getting better and Josh is getting older. The two things combined have helped open a path towards friendship. Josh now likes his brother and seeks him out at times.

Today, Josh needed a diaper change and insisted on "brother" doing it. Sam was actually ok with that and changed the diaper. He did a good job, too. It was his first diaper change.

I was so proud of Sam. He tried it. He did it. And he wasn't too grossed out by it.

What was really funny/cute was what happened later. I was telling Scott about how good of a job Sam did as we were walking into the bowling alley. Sam started shushing me and telling me, in a whisper, to stop talking about it. He was embarrassed and didn't want the other kids at the bowling alley to overhear about how he changes diapers.

This was the first time Sam has ever expressed any kind of embarrassment or concern over what other kids might hear or know about him.

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