Friday, May 22, 2009

The Hotel

We made it to our hotel, no thanks to Google Maps. The directions said to get off at exit 308, take a sharp right on this street, a right at this street, and a right at this other street. There are no street signs, not a single one. So, if you follow the right, right, right you end up back on I5 towards home. Not good when you've been in the car for 2 1/2 hours and everyone has sore bottoms.

But we made it here on our second try after taking a left that is not mentioned in the directions.

The lobby of the hotel is one of the nicest, coziest lobbies I've seen in a hotel...not that I've been in a lot of hotels. Regardless, it was nice. The person checking us in was friendly, too.

Josh insisted on pulling his suitcase himself. It was so cute seeing this little guy rolling a suitcase almost as tall as he. He did it, though.

The hotel room is nice and in good repair overall. We have two queen beds with bolster pillows (the kids were amazed at the "round pillows"). There is also a sofa, coffee table, and regular height table with two chairs. The main entertainment center has a good-sized flat screen TV, DVD player, small microwave, and small fridge. The kids are enjoying the cable TV that we don't have at home.

Here's the love seat, complete with one of Mika's webkinz. Josh has already figured out that he can jump from the bed to the loveseat. He's also already picked up both phones three times each and attempted to turn on every lamp.

The sink area is right inside the door. It has a nice looking counter and pretty, large mirror. The coffee pot and hair dryer are also here. To the left of the sink, you can see the closet with mirror doors. The kids were surprised there was a closet. Inside is a full size ironing board and iron. Across from the sink is the bathroom which is clean.

So, we've made contact with my father and are resting our bottoms from the long drive while we wait for the evening reception...drinks appetizers.

Then we hit the nearby Safeway for diapers and snacks for tomorrow.

UPDATE: More about the complementary evening reception... The drinks were limited to two per person; they gave you coupons. The appetizers were potato chips, meatballs and gravy, salad (lettuce, red cabbage, tomato, cucumber), fresh veggies (celery, baby carrots, broccoli, cauliflower), cheese (cubes of cheddar and pepper jack), crackers (4 varieties), and ranch dip. Kind of a pleasant little addition to your usual hotel amenities.

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Rebecca K. said...

COOL!! my kids would be way jealous, they are feeling vacation deprived! have a great weekend!!