Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lotus Isle Park

Yesterday morning, we had about an hour to an hour and a half to kill before Scott arrived so the kids and I went in search of a nearby park. We found a small one about 1/2 mile from the hotel, the only one on the island.

Sam wasted no time in finding a path down the sandy bank to the Columbia Slough. While I sat there gazing at the houseboats, wondering what it would be like to live on one, the kids played in the sand.

Joshua loved the sand and was very unhappy when it was time to climb back up the hill and head back to the hotel to meet Daddy.

Here's Mika and Sam doing their thing. Mika was taking photos of her Webkinz skunk, while Sam was trying to squeeze the sand. He's weird. I think it looks more like he's trying to reel in a giant pretend marlin.

In the park above the sandy bank, I was able to capture this great photo of Sam. I tried but couldn't get Mika to sit on the tree.

Josh was a little scared of the height of this slide. I had to reach up and hold his hand on the way down...then he loved it.

Mika loves monkey bars now that she can do them.

After our short trip to the park, we returned to the hotel to wait for Scott to arrive. We only had about 15 minutes left to wait. Then we packed up for the day and headed to the Oregon Zoo.

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Suswan said...

Wow! that's an amazing slide. Looks like fun. I love walking barefoot in sand like that. :-)