Monday, October 26, 2009

Leaves for Russia

Our church gave the elementary kids the opportunity to help needy kids in Russia. The church provided little cardboard banks which the kids could fill with loose change, allowance, or money earned doing chores. The money will be donated to an organization that will use the money to provide Christmas stockings to kids who need them. Included with the banks are folded papers with something written on them in Russian. Not being able to read Russian, I have no idea what it says but can tell that there are some scriptures listed. Inside the folded paper, the kids are suppose to write a letter to the child whose stocking they helped to provide and include a photo of themselves. The Russian child may also write back. Both Mika and Sam wanted to participate.

The next question was for us parents. How would our kids come up with money. We don't, at this time, provide an allowance or pay for chores. So, we had to come up with something. I suggested that the kids could rake up the leaves outside for money. They jumped at the idea, in part to raise money but also because they've been begging me to rake leaves so that they could jump in the pile. I haven't had the time yet.

Here's the kids raking the leaves. Josh, who loves being outside as much as possible, watched.

I also tried to get pictures of each of them. Here's Mika. She is starting to look like a teenager to me. It's kind of scary.

And here's Sam with his mess of hair that I need to cut.

Josh didn't want his picture taken. Half the time, he's a total ham for the camera and half the time he does this.

Meanwhile, Madelynn was inside where it was warm playing on this shopping cart cover as if it were a play blanket. She doesn't last long on her tummy before she gets frustrated.

Over the next 3 1/2 weeks, the kids will be looking for ways to make more money. Our bin didn't fit all of the leaves outside, so they'll get another raking leaves chore. I'll have to come up with more ideas.

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