Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weird Dreams Strike Again

I am known for my weird dreams. I had one this morning that tops all of the previous weird ones.

The dream starts with me and Scott at the home of someone I knew from high school and haven't seen since graduation. My old friend is dead so we put his body in a large cardboard box. The box was similar in shape as a coffin but not as tall and too short to fit the body; his legs were sticking out from the calves down.

Then the setting changes and we are at a movie theater. Scott and I are sitting in the lobby, talking, while I sift through the box at my feet. The box is actually a wormery, filled with shredded newspaper, worms, leftover vegetable matter, and, of course, the body. I was fluffing up the contents to give the worms better circulation. We decide we should do something about the body so Scott leaves with it, while I continue to wait.

Scott returns. We still have time before the show starts, so we head out to his helicopter to give some tourists a tour. We load the helicopter with about half a dozen of us. As we are soaring over the trees, Scott detours to show me where to deposited the box. Below me, I see a serious of concrete boxes (think rooms with no top). One of them has the box in it, and you can clearly see the feet sticking out the end. I hope none of the tourists saw it.

We head back towards the movie theater. It is almost time for the show. As we are nearing the theater, we're flying along at street level when we pass a house where Hannah Montana is performing for a backyard birthday party. As we reach the theater, I point out two very small (6 inch high or so) statues of pugs in a garden. I tell the tourists that they are in memory of Hannah Montana's beloved dogs.

We reach the docking station and unload the helicopter. We are a few minutes late for the show that is starting.

Then I wake up.

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