Friday, November 13, 2009

A Little Bit of Joshie Cuteness

Josh cracks us up sometimes. Here's some of his recent moments:

It used to be that he would only refer to himself as "baby". Then Madelynn came along, and he instantly switched to "big brother". That in itself was funny because his older brother was only "brother"; Josh was the "big brother". Then Scott managed to teach him to say his name (he refused before), and he now insists that he's none of the above. "I Joshie," he demands.

Josh is in a mommy mood lately. He doesn't love Daddy. He only loves Mommy, and he's very adamant about it.

Yesterday, I used the above to my advantage. I asked Josh to come cuddle with me. He didn't want to. He wanted to play on the computer. So, I told him that I loved Daddy. After telling him I loved Daddy a couple of times, he came running to cuddle, saying "I love Mommy" on the way. He wanted me to love only him. LOL

Josh has taken to "reading" at bedtime and nap time. At nap time, he reads me an ABC board book we have. He points out the letters and pictures (several items per letter) and either tells me what they are or asks me what they are. For most of the items, he knows what they are; he's just playing the part of the parent. I either tell him what it is and he answers, "Yes, right!" or I tell him I don't know and he tells me what it is.

Speaking of reading, last night at bedtime he wanted to read our board book copy of The Foot Book. He combined his cute reading with his "I love Mommy" mood and insisted on reading to Mommy. He allowed Scott to stay and listen to but only several admonishments about him reading to Mommy. He knows this book quite well and "read" most of the pages to us last night. I think he's going to be a lover of books like his older siblings. ~smile

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