Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Weekly Report: Week 12

Well, if I want to be really positive, I'd say this report is better late than never. This is LAST week's work. This week's report is still to be written.


Language Arts: Mika's spelling lists consisted of 43 words this week, and she missed two words (pier and disappeared). Those words will be added to next week's list. She's doing ok with her sentence analyzing. She misses a few things here and there but overall she seems to get them. I'm not worried about it, though, because I often have to look up the answers myself. She reviewed another lesson in her vocabulary. Her words were countenance, profound, manifest, prodigious, languor, and superfluous. In poetry, she read about some of the different types of meters. In writing, she wrote a paragraph that is a parable about the value of hard work. This week added another stylistic element to her requirements; adding an "ly" adverb.

Math: With us having to review a week of math that Mika didn't initially understand, we are about half a week behind. This week, she finished the last half of lesson 11 and the first half of lesson 12. Lesson 11 covered divisibility, and the new lesson covered the beginning of reducing fractions.

Health and Fitness: Mika has begun using the Wii for PE. She does Fit, Dance Dance Revolution, or Sport for 30 minutes most days.

Technology: Mika's computer class worked on Game Maker. They made a game like asteroids with it.


Language Arts: Sam's spelling list had 18 words this week. He missed two of them: sea and feel. He wrote see and fell instead. Sam started analyzing sentences using Michael Clay Thompson's Practice Island. He's doing very well with it and enjoys grammar, which his sister thinks is weird. He specifically said he likes it better than his old language arts. He tends to like talking through his school work, and grammar gives him a perfect excuse to do that. For vocabulary, he is learning words that begin with the Latin stem "re". Some of his words include revise, rehearse, and repeat. Sam is loving cursive. I printed him a reference page with each letter on it, and now he practices them on his own. For writing, he wrote a paragraph about deer flies. His paragraphs still only require one stylistic technique: the who/which clause.

Math: In math, Sam completed lessons 16 through 18 and a unit test. These lessons included finding area and circumference of a circle using the decimal value of pi, dividing decimals by a whole number, dividing whole numbers by decimals, and dividing decimals by decimals. Each page also includes review of previous concepts.

Health and Fitness: Sam attended taekwondo each day this week. Most of the time was spent practicing for an upcoming tournament, which happened Saturday. (Gosh it is hard to write this so late!) He won gold in both of his competitions in the tournament.

Life Skills: We read about showing interest and effort in conversations and had a round of pass the conversation with a friend.


Language Arts: We did not do literary analysis this week because I didn't have time to get a new book from the library. We have been listening to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on audio book together. Both kids have books that they are reading on their own.

History: In history, we spent an extra week on Charlemagne. We read about him and his grandfather, and what they did. I created two worksheets for the kids to complete using the questions in the activity guide. We also enjoyed making crowns out of poster board and jewels.

Science: For science, we finished up our chapter on feathers and looked at a flight feather with a magnifying glass to see the barbules.

Fine Arts: We caught Mika up so we can resume drawing lessons next week.

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