Monday, December 7, 2009

Edible Medieval Castle

Our history curriculum's history guide has a great assortment of activities to make learning and remembering history fun. Once in a while an activity makes me go, "Hmm, what were they thinking?" Today's activity was one of those.

The goal was to make an edible Norman castle using coco puffs cereal, melted marshmallows, and butter. I figured the kids would have fun with it and enjoy eating the results so I went ahead and bought the ingredients though I doubted our ability to sculpt a castle from these ingredients.

Here's the kids working with our chosen medium. It was sticky. We figured out that you have to REALLY butter your hands to work with it. Otherwise, it just stuck to your hands; every effort to unstick it from your hands resulted in the stuff getting stuck to your other hand. Butter (or dairy-free margarine) is the key here.

Here is our "castle" from above. That suppose to be four walls, four towers in the corners, and a keep in the middle.

This is the castle for the side view. If you look closely, you can almost make out three of the corner towers and the keep in the middle.

What's really laughable is that they activity guide suggested adding an entrance and windows, going so far as to tell you that windows on the lower level were narrow while windows on the upper levels were wider.

It tasted good, though.

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Chris said...

That's cute!
Mine's on my blog under 2007 posts, I think.
Chris in VA