Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Fox and the Geese

We right smack dab in the Middle Ages in our history curriculum. We've reached the part of medieval history that most people are familiar with: knights, castles, crusades, and the whole feudal system. Given that we are a couple of weeks behind where I want to be, we are continuing history through December rather than taking the month off completely. Because we have more time, and because this is a fun period of history, we are taking more time to do more activities and read more books than we usually have time for. Today, the kids played a game from the time period.

The Fox and the Geese

Here's Mika and Sam just starting their first game. In this game, Mika is the geese (13 of them) and Sam is the fox (just 1 on them). Mika's goal is to trap the fox in a corner. Sam's goal is to capture, by jumping, enough geese so that they can't trap him in a corner. Mika, being older and pretty good at strategy games, won.

They switched parts so they could experience playing the game from both perspectives. Mika won as the fox, too. There were lots of giggles while they played. There were also interesting phrases like, "I'm going to eat you" and "I just ate you." It makes for some interesting eavesdropping, especially if you don't know that they are playing a game.

Scott decided to get in and try playing Mika. He won as the fox. Mika, however, won when he tried being the geese.

They want to keep this game around for future play.

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Suswan said...

Love those smiles. Looks like a fun game.