Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Roller Skating

Due to the illness, Sam missed a skating birthday party recently. He was so disappointed! However, we arranged another date to go skating with our friends. Today was the day, and it was fun.

Sam hasn't been skating in about...oh...four years or so. He had a little trouble. He got a hang of staying on his feet after a while, but I've got to say that skating is not is forte.

Josh, who is five years younger and has never worn a pair of skates, skated circles around him. Quite amusing really! Actually, I think Josh only skated a little faster than Sam...but still.

I got this great picture of the bigs taking a break. I'm just posting it because I like the picture.

Then there's poor Maddie who will hate me when she's older for posting this picture. She hung out in the sling and didn't care for the flash going off in her eyes at such close range. LOL Poor girl! After a while, she passed out and slept.

The kids enjoyed skating with their friends. They're asking for a repeat.

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Suswan said...

Oh yes, the picture of Maddie definitely has future blackmailing potential. lol
I'm glad everyone had a good time. Is that the same skating rink that I went to as a teenager, and then took MY kids to?