Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mrs. May's Trio Natural Bars

We found these bars at Costco when they were sampling them. I was pretending I didn't know the kids were sneaking Christmas presents into our cart, and had a sample while I waited. They were good, and they are dairy free.

Each bar is made up of 3 fruits, 3 nuts, and 3 seeds and is coated in a sweet glaze that holds it all together. Each box comes in three different flavors: strawberry, tropical, blueberry, and cranberry. I love them all.

I love that I now have an easy and yummy snack. Snacking has been one of the hardest things about my dairy free diet. There just isn't that many dairy free choices that I've found for a grab and go snack. Trio bars do that for me.

Note: Some people may be leery of these bars because they are made in China.

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