Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's the Eyes

Getting a good picture of Madelynn is nearly, but not quite, impossible. Fortunately, being the cute little dumpling she is makes all photos of her cute no matter how bad of a photo it is. Still, it would be nice to get a good shot of her every now and then.

You see, she has issues with the flash. It doesn't matter whether you use the regular flash or the red eye, she is still likely to have her eyes closed in the photo. She takes after her mama, who has the same problem, just not as severely.

The other day, Scott was trying to get a good shot of her. The first few tries came out like this:

Then he got this:

Finally, she surrendered:

Here's one I tried to get yesterday. Madelynn looked adorable surrounded by Mika and Sam's Webkinz (yes, I know they have a few). It was the typical result:

Tonight, Scott was trying to get a photo of her, complete with a carrot-stained mouth. She looked hung over:

About an hour later, I tried to get a photo of Madelynn with her biggest fan:

When that didn't work, I tried a few more times before Josh was bored of it all:

Someday she'll outgrow this problem right? At least, we can get photos of her smiling. It's the eyes that are the problem.

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Suswan said...

We're getting more daylight hours and even some sunshine. That will make getting a picture of the little pumpkin easier I hope. :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL the last picture is hilarious!