Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Big Birthday Boy

Josh turned three on Sunday. Having watched his big brother and sister get birthday parties recently, he knew very well what day it was, and he was adamant about what he wanted: a birthday party with birthday cake and Nikki. He got two out of three...sort of. He's young enough that he didn't notice that his demands weren't met. He was still a happy boy.

We started the day with going to church for the first time in weeks. (We've all been battling a cold that's been impossible to get rid of.) He was thrilled to go. He usually loves going to his Sunday school class.

After church, we took him out for a birthday lunch at Red Robin. He got his favorite food, mac & cheese. It was a special treat because of our current dairy free diet. We don't have dairy in the house, but I let the kids order whatever they wish when we are out since they don't have any overt allergy to it. He also got sung to and his birthday ice cream there.

Upon arriving home, he took his nap. While he was sleeping, we brought out his presents and put them on the table so he'd see them first thing after waking up. He was all for opening them.

Here he is opening his first present. It takes him a while to get them open still. It was a Play Doh set containing all kinds of accessories for making food. It has quite a lot in it, and the kids have all enjoyed playing with it. That was my plan: buy him something to encourage the kids to all play together, getting Josh more attention from the older kids.

His second present was another Play Doh set. Toys R Us was having a sale, and I couldn't pass up getting a second set for half price. This one was a "silly faces" set. Think generic Mr. Potato Head. We had fun testing it out when he was done opening his gifts.

Here's a couple of our creations. Aren't they cute?

This gift was Josh's favorite. It's a Lil Kinz lion. The webkinz craze is strong here. All three kids love them.

The truck was kind of a dud. It was the only idea I had for a long time because a neighborhood boy has a truck that Josh always plays with when the kids are all outside together.

He also got another game. Again, I was thinking multi-player items to encourage togetherness in the kids. We haven't gotten Josh to play the game by the rules yet. He just likes putting his monkeys on the bed and pushing the button until they fall off the bed.

Josh wanted to help make his own birthday cake. He enjoyed the batter, too, but not the photo.

You can tell he loved his baseball cake, complete with three candles. We sang Happy Birthday to him just like a real party.

He even knew to blow out the candles.

I think the only thing missing was Nikki, one of Mika's friends.

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Suswan said...

Three years???!!!! How can that be??? Wow!
Happy Birthday Josh!