Thursday, March 18, 2010

Last Month

Each month, we have to write a review of what we covered in each subject for our virtual academy. I just finished my review for the last month. While I knew that we were way too overscheduled with outside classes and that we weren't getting as much done with formal academics, I was still surprised at how little we actually accomplished. In some subjects, we only accomplished a week's worth of work. In others, we got a whopping two weeks done. Eek!

For example, Mika only covered 10 spelling words for the whole month. We only covered half a chapter of science. Science doesn't look too bad when you consider hands on learning, though. We did an activity designed to show how bats have a MUCH better sense of smell than we do. We watched birds eat suet we placed out in our tree. We went on a little nature walk where we got to see chickadees and Formica ants up close. History was a little better; we covered three chapters of reading and map work, but not a single additional book or activity. Math included two lessons only. Sad, huh?

What did we do with our time if we weren't doing school? Mika spends 4 hours (plus 1 hour travel round trip) at a computer club each week learning about computer stuff, like Scratch and RPG maker and film making. Two afternoons a week we spend traveling to and taking swimming lessons. Sam spends two hours, four days a week at taekwondo. Two mornings a month, the kids have art lessons. We've also been stepping up our chore responsibilities, trying to get the house decluttered and cleaned. For their extra help, the kids earn money and have been learning money management through a website I recently discovered. It's busy. It's chaotic. It leaves little time for formal schooling.

Fortunately, all of those outside commitments count as school work. However, if we don't find a way to pick up the pace a bit, we'll be working at this year's curricula forever!

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Mommy to One said...

Oooh, what site did you find for money management?