Thursday, March 18, 2010

She's Keeping Us Busy

Remember that little baby that was just born yesterday? Or so it seems. Well, she's a week shy of 8 months old and trying to figure out that crawling thing and that standing up thing and that finding little things on the floor to choke on thing.

She keeps us busy rescuing her. She'll go from sitting to her tummy and getting stuck, which makes her quite unhappy. Sometimes, she'll grab hold of a basket that stores her toys on her way down and gets stuck hanging on for dear life. She really dislikes THAT! Then there's the time she tried to get on her knees and crawl and toppled right into a corner and dented, yes dented, her poor little head. That certainly wasn't what she had in mind.

But most of the time, she looks like this.

Or like this.

Then there was that scary moment this morning when she was sitting not two feet away from me in the school room. I was working with Sam doing some math, I think, when I heard a weird noise. I looked down at Madelynn and saw her foaming at the mouth and caught a glimpse of something bluish in her mouth. I instantly knew she was choking. On what? The floor was clear, or so I thought. She had found one of those green rubber bands often found stretched around newspapers. I swiped it out and immediately ordered the kids to clean up the floors in the main rooms. We've been trying to keep them picked up better, and I've been vacuuming much more frequently because she seems to be able to see and pick up the tiniest particles. Apparently, we haven't been careful enough.

Yes, I'd say she's keeping us busy.

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