Monday, May 3, 2010


This last week and this coming week has me feeling particularly grateful we homeschool. We have some great friends that are moving across the country, leaving on Saturday, and we have been able to make visiting with them our highest priority after attending already paid for extracurricular activities.

Wednesday we had the girls over while mom went to get her hair done by her favorite stylist one last time. That turned into an impromptu sleepover. The kids had lots of fun. We also got our ants that next morning so they all got to enjoy that together. Something they did outside for fun also sparked a fun science experiment that the my kids and I hope to do soon.

Friday we went to a dinner theater one of the girls was in. We enjoyed the dinner and the play.

Then last night, Mika spent the night over there. They are dropping her off at her Monday afternoon computer class.

We're hoping to go to the Pacific Science Center together midweek.

Finally, they are having a going away get-together Friday that we'll attend.

In between all of that, the kids have been exchanging email and talking via voice chat any time they can manage it.

If the kids were in school, nearly all of this would have been impossible. Our friends would be leaving and we'd barely get to say goodbye. I'm so glad that I can set aside school and take the time we need to just be with our friends. In between everything we'll watch some documentaries (we've been enjoying Meerkat Manor and Mythbusters) and fit in curricula when we can. There's time to catch up later, even if later extends into the summer. Friends are more important.

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