Thursday, May 6, 2010

Giant Magnet at the Seattle Center

Giant Magnet - Global Attractions Playing Locally is coming to the Seattle Center May 11-15th. The festival has an interesting lineup of performers from around the world including shows in theatre, puppetry, circus arts, music and dance. Looking at the lineup, I think there is something to interest everyone. My family is particularly interested in Jamie Adkins, who will be combining comedy and acrobatics in what looks like a great show geared towards those ages 3 and up. We also think Figurentheater Wilde & Vogel looks right up our alley but no babes in arms are permitted at this performance. These German puppeteers are among a very few with official rights to adapt the Hobbit, a novel that my older kids enjoyed when we read it last year. The Asia Here and Now looks quite good as well. We saw the Japanese Taiko drummers last year and they are just amazing! That's just the performances.

Your tickets also include quite an array of free activities, called Discovery Centers, for kids. There's kite making, puppet making, origami, button making, learning about the civil rights movement, student performances, hula hooping, and more. There's also face painting and a festival store if you have the budget available. It definitely looks well worth the time and cost of tickets!

Where else can you see and learn so much from all over the world. Find information and ticket sales at

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