Friday, May 7, 2010

Tearful Goodbye

We said a tearful goodbye to our very good friends today. They are moving clear to the other side of the country. Sure, there will be email, voice messaging, skype, and snail mail but it isn't the same as playing together in person. Our friends took it okay; they've done this before. My kids had a harder time saying goodbye.

This was especially difficult for my kids.

The taller girl in the photo and her got along beautifully from the very first meeting. Mika considers her the best friend she's ever had.

The blond girl on the right is Sam's first good friend of his very own. Up until she came along, he more or less tagged along with Mika and her friends. Plus, he thinks she's pretty. He took the goodbye hard. Sam is the one in the middle, unable to breathe, as everyone comforts him with a big, group hug.

Josh, well, he just doesn't know what is going on. He loves the pair. He's always excited when he knows he going to see them soon. He sometimes goes to the door and demands I take him to see them. He loses his mind (runs around in circles squawking in excitement) any time he hears the older girl on yahoo voice messaging. He'll have a few meltdowns when we can't take him to see his favorite girls.

And me...I'm sad, too. Our two families just got along so well. Mom and I got along well, and shared many of the same ideas about politics, homeschool, and our Christian beliefs. I'll miss her too. But most of all, I'm sad because I know how rare it is to find such a perfect match where everyone in the family gets along so well.

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