Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our First Harvest

The spinach we planted grew so fast!  I harvested the largest of the leaves and added them to our taco salad dinner.  The kids were pretty excited to be eating from our own garden. 

The rest of our plants are growing pretty well with the exception of our cucumber and herbs.  I think the cucumber plant is hurting due to our lack of sun.  I'm not sure yet if it will make it.  The herbs are having trouble because they got scattered by our cats.  They might be growing but I don't know because I can't identify all of the baby plants growing where I didn't plant anything.  They might be the herbs or they might be weeds.

On a good note our carrots and potatoes are going very well.  The tomato plants are shooting up.  I'll have to cage the one and start taming the other two in their vertical supports soon.  Our zucchini plant has huge leaves already.  The strawberries are very healthy, and I've started letting them flower now that they are well established.  The onions and cilantro I planted look good.  I have romaine on a healthy start and two other varieties of lettuce I just planted are already sprouting.  Our green beans appear to be recovering now that we've had a little bit of sun; hopefully they will grow well because I'm looking forward to fresh green beans.  I'm still waiting to see some sprouts from the garlic I planted a week or two ago.  It's pretty exciting!

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Dana said...

One thing about herbs: try pinching off a single leaf, rubbing it between your fingers and smelling.

Herbs generally have a nice herby smell, even when very small.

Suswan said...

Exciting! How did it taste?