Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quality Sewing & Vacuum - Tacoma

When I first walked into Quality Sewing & Vacuum, I realized almost immediately that I would never buy a vacuum at a discount or department store.  The difference in customer service was astounding, and they have proved themselves again in an unexpected way.

We recently learned that we have lead paint in our home and because of that, I would have to increase my efforts in keeping our home clean.  Dust is especially a problem because that's where little ones get the most exposure if they aren't actually eating paint.  Friction on painted surfaces, such as opening and closing windows and doors, and walking on paint chips (or on our very high lead content porch) causes microscopic lead dust which then resettles on furniture, the floor, toys, etc.  Young children crawl along the floor getting that contaminated dust on their hands, which then go into their mouths.  Or their toys, now dusty with invisible lead dust, gets put in their mouths.  I need to be diligent in cleaning hands, toys, furniture, and the floor.  Sweeping, which kicks up the dust only to have it resettle on the floor, is no longer an option.  I needed a vacuum.  I needed a good a vacuum, one that works on wood floors with a bag (don't want lead dust puffing up into the air when you dump a bagless canister), one that had a HEPA filter. 

Vacuum stores not being on my radar, I went straight to the nearest department store that I knew sold a selection of vacuums.  Customer service consisted of a very nice lady who basically said, "Here are our vacuums," but had practically no knowledge of the products.  I came home with a Dyson.  It had the filter and the reputation of being good but not the bags.  The second time I used it, it began letting out this horrible, ear-piercing shriek.  It went back the next day. 

A little more research on vacuum makers found me on the website of those makers and a list of dealers.  Tacoma's Quality Sewing and Vacuum was on that list.

I walked into Quality Sewing and Vacuum with all four of my kids.  The sales reps didn't bat an eye at my kids and were more patient with them than I.  It's nice to be in a place that handles kids well.  I was asked a few questions on my needs and presented a few choices, along with a demo and a discussion on the differences in features between the choices.  It was obvious that the rep knew her products.  I asked about a different model I had been looking at online and found that they only had one, a window display, but they quickly brought it down for me to see.  It was in perfect condition, and we discussed the features it had compared to the ones we were looking at.  It had the features I needed.  While the others had additional features that would have been nice to have, they cost more.  I was offered the window display with the optional HEPA filter installed ($60 value) for the price of a new one.  I took it.  They even cleaned up the vacuum.  They easily talked me into their TLC program, which for $99 gave me "a year's supply" of bags (3 boxes of 4 filters...a $60 value), free maintenance at a year, and 25% discount on all accessories for the life of the vacuum.  I walked out of there with my new vacuum excited to try it out.  It's been everything I had hoped for...and super quiet to boot!

Today I received a hand-written thank you card from Quality Sewing and Vacuum along with a invitation to attend a Sew Fun presentation for free.  These presentations are normally $10 and include the presentation, coffee, tea, and cookies.  Hmmm...I just might try attending one.

I was really happy with the service I received at the store.  I love my new vacuum.  And the thank you card was a nice extra special touch.

If you are local and in the market for a new, high quality vacuum or sewing machine, I definitely recommend Quality Sewing and Vacuum in Tacoma.

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That is some great customer service for you. Don't see that much anymore.