Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crayola's Deceptive Marketing

If you purchased this shrink-wrapped box of crayons, what would you expect to find inside?  It may not be what you expected.

In past back-to-school sales, I've purchased 24 packs of crayons for next to nothing.  The price was great, but we got tired of having many crayons in the same few colors.  This year, I wanted to purchase a package of crayons with a large variety of colors...something like a 64 pack...only I knew they had come out with even more colors since my childhood days.  I saw this 120 pack and bought it, ready to go home, open, and enjoy the new variety of colors.

However, that's not what happened.  Instead we arrived home and found not 120 different colors but two identical boxes of 48 crayons, a box of 24 colors, and a cheap plastic sharpener.  Nowhere (and I mean nowhere, not even in the fine print) does the box state that it is a repacked set of smaller boxes.  I was quite disappointed in Crayola to market this box so deceptively.  Fortunately, Target took the opened box back without issue.

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