Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Garden Treasures

We recently harvested our last two zucchini.  Our single plant gave us four zucchinis; the rest rotted on the vine.  These were 2lbs 9oz and 3lbs 7oz.  They are getting grated and frozen in 2 cup portions for zucchini bread.

We all agree that these Sun Gold cherry tomatoes are the best.  They are so very sweet and yummy.

We dubbed this stupice tomato "the brain".  It's really 4-5 tomatoes that grew all stuck together.  We were all very excited to harvest it, cut it up, and eat the brain. 

We also harvested our first cucumber this week.  It was pretty good (coming from someone who doesn't like cucumbers).  We have plenty more growing.  We pulled another two meals worth of green beans off the vines and have another meal's worth out there waiting to be culled.  Tomatoes are ripening daily, though the persimmons are still green and growing.  I have potatoes ready to pull out of the ground.  A new batch of carrots, cauliflower, and broccoli (hopefully...I don't remember which squares are broccoli and which are cucumber) are just starting to grow.  We haven't eaten our way through all of the lettuce I planted yet; we have a couple of heads left.

All-in-all, this square foot gardening method was a success for this brown-thumbed gal.

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