Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Girlie Girl

Madelynn is such a girlie girl.  Even though she's only 15 months old, she does things that are stereotypically girlie...

She loves shoes.  When I took her to buy her first pair, I held up two different shoes, hoping she would show an obvious preference to one or the other.  Nope.  She lunges for both of them.  Then, when I was sitting on the floor with her trying them on, she kept grabbing other shoes off the rack.  She brings us her shoes and demands that we put them on her.  Thanks to hand-me-downs, she even has a cute pair of ruby red dress up shoes that she loves to wear.

She has an opinion on what she's wearing for the day.  One morning, Mika pulled a shirt out of her drawer and asked if she wanted that shirt.  Maddie very clearly shook her head no.  Then Mika pulled another shirt out of the drawer and asked about that one.  Maddie very clearly indicated that she approved of that shirt.

She likes purses.  Mika has a little purse that is designed to carry a plush pony.  Maddie has picked it up and carried it around on her arm...while waving her princess wave at the rest of us family.

She likes cell phones, and holds them to her ear like she's talking on the phone.

She must be clean.  She brings us diapers with very obvious "change me" intentions.  She insists on having her own napkin at meals and will wipe her own mouth.  She lets us clean her face and hands without any issues.

A couple of times, she has found a pony tail holder and held it up to her head like she is trying to put it in her hair.  She did so this morning.  Because she has so little hair, it wouldn't fit in her hair.  I had Mika get a small one, and Maddie sat still while I put it in her hair.  Then she sat still while I tied a ribbon on her pony tail.  The photo above is from today's hair style.

She's such a cute little girlie girl.  It makes me want to go out and buy her little dresses, and I'm not normally a dress-buying kind of mom.

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