Friday, October 22, 2010

Week 12

I feel like we got very little done this week.  I tried to continue through packing, but we are getting down to the wire so I've had to suspend all school until we get to the new house.  I'll have my kids finish reading our literature/history selection, but that's it.

Language Arts

The kids completed their outlines and worked on their rough drafts for a new assignment: medicine in colonial times.  They worked on the first two paragraphs.  We'll finish the third after we move.


Mika worked on Life of Fred.  She ran into difficulty with Least Common Multiples so I had to help her out with it.  Sam worked on a lesson about the standard equation of a line.  He learned the formula for the standard equation of a line.  He also learned how to convert an equation from y-intercept to standard and vice versa.


The only history they completed this week was reading The Journal of Jasper Jonathan Pierce.  I'll have them continue reading this book next week because I want them to finish it before we have to return it to the library before the move.


Didn't happen.  I was hoping to finish our chapter on titration but we just didn't get to it.  All we need to do is the experiment, review, and test so maybe we'll find a day to fit it in next week if packing goes well this weekend.

Foreign Language

They both worked on their Rosetta Stone a little bit, but not every day like usual.  Sam is stuck on a screen.  Korean gets so much harder when you have as many different syllables in a sentence as Korean has.  Mika's doing fine with Spanish.

Fine Arts

We completed a project using chalk pastels.  It was messy!  Mika wasn't too thrilled with the mess factor but managed to do it anyway.

Here they are working on their projects.

This is Mika's cityscape.  I love her road along the bottom.

Sam had fun with different window shapes.

Later, I helped Josh do his own picture.  After putting in a few basic building shapes, he picked chalk colors and colored them.  Then he told me what color he wanted his windows and how many he wanted for each building.

Of course, I completed one too.

And finally, there's real life which includes a lot of packing and disassembling.

The boys took our shelving apart for me.  Josh does this surprisingly well all by himself.  At first, he wouldn't let anyone else have anything to do with helping, but he finally let Sam do a few screws.

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Rebecca K. said...

COOL! i have some spray fixative if you need to borrow it.

JoAnn said...

I have spray fixative too. That said, be very careful spraying chalk. You aren't suppose to use it on chalk; it doesn't take well to the moisture in the spray. I nearly ruined mine with the spray fixative; it isn't nearly as colorful and nice anymore. The proper way to protect chalk is matted and framed behind glass.

Mandy in TN said...

It sounds like a lot of school way accomplished even with moving and those city scapes are great!

Lisa said...

You had an amazing week even if you weren't moving. Since you are I'm doubly impressed.

Kelly said...

wow...those pictures are really great. looks to me like you got just enough done.

Sarah said...

It's hard to get any school done while packing, but it looks like you did pretty well. The art looks really nice.

Bright Sky Mom said...

I love how art takes a priority at your house!! Even in the midst of moving! :)
Lee (5wolfcubs)