Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Eventful First Day at the New House

It has been entirely too eventful of a week here; it's our first in the new house.  I'm looking forward to things settling down so we can get back into our normal swing of things.  Here's a blow by blow of the moving day (rest of the week to follow):


Saturday was moving day.  We got up early and got the last of everything packed up.  I took the kids to a friend's house 30 minutes away and picked up another friend who was planning to help us move (she was at our friend's house).  The movers, whom we were paying by the hour, arrived half an hour early.  This was not okay with me because we had a bunch of friends arriving on time to help, which we expect to greatly reduce the amount of time it took to move, thus reducing how much we had to pay the movers.  They worked out a flat rate with DH and started loading up.  Meanwhile, our friends arrived, and we set out loading up fragile and odd shaped things into cars, leaving the movers to do pretty much everything else on their own.  After a while, I left to open up the new house and start unloading the cars.

At the new house, my friend opened up the back of my van and our microwave plate rolled out and landed in the driveway, splitting into four pieces.  In the process of picking it up, she shaves\d part of her finger off, and proceeded to bleed for the next hour and a half.  It wasn't a lot of blood, but it just wouldn't clot.  Once I was finally able to leave the house, I ran her to Walgreens, and we got the bleeding stopped in their bathroom with a variety of products.  After that we headed for our friend's house so she could go home and I could pick up the kids.  Meanwhile, Scott was setting up our internet and TV and discovered urine smell coming from the living room carpeting.  Once he finished the setting up, he went back to the old house to get our pets. On the way back to the new house, I got a text to head to the old house instead.  Scott was there trying to get the animals (one of them got loose), and we have too many odds and ends that didn't make it in the truck so we needed to fill my car.

At the new house, we unloaded and ate dinner out before Scott headed back to the old house for more stuff and the last cat.  Fortunately, he was able to nab the cat and made it back to the new place with another load.  We made the beds on the floor and relaxed for a bit with Netflix before crashing for the night.

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Rebecca K. said...

what was the urine smell?? hopefully not someone else's cat because that will make YOUR cats want to pee all over the house :(