Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Wonderful Sound of Music

I have always loved that classic movie The Sound of Music so when my friend posted on her Facebook account that she and some of her family were going to a Sing-a-long of the Sound of Music the next day, I was understandably envious.  Fortunately, the venue putting it on is a client of my husband's business.  I called him immediately, and told him about it.  Not long later, he called me back to tell me he was able to get tickets for my daughter and I.  Yay!

Later in the evening, he also arranged dinner out for my daughter and I at a restaurant near the venue.  They owed my husband a favor.

So, for the cost of gas, my daughter and I got a nice afternoon and evening out together.

The Sound of Music Sing-a-long was fun.  We started the evening texting my friend, asking her where they were sitting.  We were just entering the theatre, and she hadn't had a chance to text back when I spotted her sister in the crowd.  As my daughter and I looked for our seat, we were surprised to find out that we were sitting in the same row from our friends with only one seat between their party and us.  What are the chances of that?!

The show started with a pair in costume (a woman dressed in a glitzier Austrian-style dress and a man dressed as a nun) explaining the props we were given.  I won't spoil the surprise for others who may go to this annual event in the future, but they were just little things we held up or waved at strategic points in the film.  We were also instructed to boo, hiss, bark, cheer, or aww when certain characters came on the screen.  In addition to that, the entire audience sang along with every song throughout the film.  It was fun to hear everyone getting involved in the action.

Afterwards, we had a few words with our friends before walking a couple of blocks to the restaurant.  They were expecting us, and the manager even stopped by to say hello to us.  We enjoyed our dinner and left without ever seeing the bill as it was taken care of by my husband. 

After dinner, my daughter and I headed a couple of blocks down the street to catch the light rail back to the park and ride station we had parked at and headed home to our family.

It was a nice night out for us, and we are thankful for my husband for putting it all together. 

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