Saturday, December 4, 2010

Walking with My Kids

I need exercise.  Really.

Changing taekwondo schools dropped my son's exercise from 10 hours of taekwondo a week down to 3 hours.  The difference is beginning to show as he hasn't changed his eating to accommodate the reduced physical activity.

My daughter, while thin, is out of shape.

I came up with a plan now that we live in a much nicer neighborhood.  It starts with going on walks with my kids.  I figure once I've lost weight and gotten in better shape, we could advance to more active plan together.

I put my plan into action yesterday morning.  The kids and I got up early and went for a walk in our neighborhood before Scott had to leave for work.  It was still dark, but we went on a nice walk of 1.87 miles.  I know it was that far because I downloaded a program on my phone to track our walk.  We had a good time and made it home despite Sam asking if we could be done at 1/4 mile and Mika slowing way down as we got closer to home.  We even took the dog who loved it too.

Today, just Sam went with me.  Mika was still asleep when we left.  We walked to a nearby park and back for a round trip of just over 3 miles.  We took the dog again.  We had a nice walk, chatting as we went.

When we got back, I told him that I used to walk that far every day with Mika in a sling or backpack.  Judging how sore my legs are now, I know I'm going to be hurting tomorrow.  I guess I'll have to work back up to 3 miles a day a bit more slowly.  I'm glad I don't have to carry a baby with me anymore.  I don't think this old, tired body could take it!

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