Sunday, May 15, 2011

How many hours do you homeschool?

I recently asked this question on an active forum, only I specifically asked for grades 4 through 6, the same grades my kids are in.  I get occasional comments that I expect a lot from my kids, and I was just wondering what was normal.  Perhaps I do ask too much of them.

For grades 4 through 6, here are the results of that poll:

10 or fewer hours: 3
11-13 hours: 2
14-16 hours: 8
17-19 hours: 8
20-22 hours: 13
23-25 hours: 8
26-28 hours: 5
29-31 hours: 3
32-34 hours: 3
35 or more hours: 1

Most people who commented in addition to answering the poll indicated that they did not include PE or other extracurricular activities in their count.

We're right in the middle; our typical school week averages 22 hours.  We aim to start at 9:00am and finish by 3:00pm.  Rarely, we will go to 3:30pm.  However, we take at least an hour off for lunch each day; sometimes it is an hour and a half before we resume school work.  On Wednesdays, we quit at 11am to eat an early lunch and get ready to leave for swim class.  Sometimes we'll do half an hour of school after swimming, but not always.  I also take time off for field trips, park days, errands, etc. whenever I want.  I'm just not that worried about it.  We always take summer off; however, we'll probably continue some school through the summer because we took most of October, November, and December off for moving and the holidays.

So, what do your weeks look like?

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