Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mika's Doctor Who Fan Fiction

Mika wrote the following piece of fan fiction at the end of last year. I got her permission to post it for all of the Doctor Who fans out there.

Love has Sprung

Chapter 1

A tall, young man stepped into the sunlight. He breathed in the smell of the fresh air, sighing wistfully. He looked around thinking to himself. This was amazing. This was perfect. And it was all going to be destroyed.

Meanwhile, seventeen year old Ayla Whitman sat quietly in her apartment bedroom, and everything was safe and calm and beautiful, but really, everything was wrong and broken.

The man sighed and stuck his hands in his pockets, walking slowly down the dirt road. He looked up at the birds, the people, the animals. He was disappointed that he couldn't save any of it. Normally he'd go about and have crazy ideas and think and experiment and save the world, but not this time. This time, he was powerless.

Ayla picked up her comb and ran it through her hair. She picked up the family picture on her desk and a sharp pang of sadness ran through her. The picture with her mother in it. The picture that reminded her of the parent she didn't have.

Her parents had gotten a divorce two years ago. They had had frequent arguments and practically wanted to kill each other. But Ayla still wasn't excited about the divorce. At all.

She put back down the picture and comb, running her fingers through her hair. She sighed and got up, opening the curtain. She stared out at the city, the cars and buildings. Ayla glanced at a truck driving away, and noticed a shadowy shape outside. She furrowed her eyebrows and opened the window. She leaned out, looking around for what caused the shadow. Nothing. Nothing was there, at all, besides a little bug. She shook her head, sure she was seeing things.

Ayla stopped abruptly. There was a clicking, snapping sound. She turned around slowly. The window was covered in a black, web-like substance. She stepped towards it, and touched it with her finger. The black webs climbed up her finger. She quickly pulled away, and the web dropped off. It slowly slunk to the floor, climbing up itself. Now not only was her window covered, and there was a globby pile of blackness on her floor.

She stumbled away from the pile, but it only came closer. Ayla stopped, breathing hard. What was this stuff? The clicking sound came again, and the black blob stood taller than herself. She stared up at the thing. It was completely black, void, and it had yellow, glowing cat-like eyes. It stretched out towards her. Ayla let out a scream and pulled open the door, running out into the hall. She finally reached the elevator and punched at the down button. She glanced behind her, gasping for breath. The web monster was crawling after her. She screamed again and jumped into the barely-open elevator, slamming the number one key.

Chapter 2

The man turned immediately when he heard a scream. His eyes darted around, looking for the cause of the scream. He looked at a window in an apartment just in time to see a black shadowy figure. His eyes widened and he took off at a run.

Ayla finally reached the first floor. She jumped out of the elevator and sped towards the doors, pushing them open. She stopped at the street, glancing back behind her. She looked up and saw the web-thing climbing down the building toward her.

Ayla tried to signal a taxi, looking behind her. The web monster was gone. Her breathing quickened and she looked around herself, stepping away from the street. It was gone, just gone like that. She calmed a little, and started back towards the apartment.

That's when she realized that it was still there.

Ayla's scream was stifled by an invisible something. She could feel something crawling up her arm, wrapping around her. But no one was helping her. There were people all around her, but no one seemed to notice that she was in distress.

Ayla struggled to get away from the thing that was now constricting around her. She was loosing her breath now. Ayla was starting to feel light-headed and dizzy. She closed her eyes and crumpled to a non-breathing heap on the ground.

Chapter 3

The man had now reached the road, full of London's crazy traffic. "Oh, come on," he said, in a very stressed way. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a long, metal object, and pressed on a button. It released a quiet buzzing sound and blue light. All the cars suddenly disappeared. He crossed the street, then buzzed his metal object again, and the cars were there again, just as they were first.

The man crouched down next to a girl laying flat on the ground, something black and sticky wrapped around her. He took out a pair of 3D glasses and put them on, studying the thing.

Ayla moaned and blinked open her eyes. A man was wearing glasses and looking at the black thing. "Uh, hello! Put those things down and help me!"

The man raised his eyebrows, but did as she asked. He took the metal buzzer and shot the light out at the black thing. It immediately recoiled and squirmed into a small pile of black goop.

"What was that?" Ayla asked once she had gotten her breath back.

"What was what?" the man asked. "Oh, this? Well," he said, looking at the metal object. "It's a screwdriver."

"Certainly doesn't look like one."

"That's because it's special. It's a sonic screwdriver."

Ayla began to think that this was all a bit strange, so she stood up and started back towards the apartment.

The man watched her turn back around to face him. "Thanks for helping me," the girl said. "Um...I'm Ayla, by the way."

The man smiled and waved at Ayla. "I'm the Doctor."

Chapter 4

Two weeks passed without ever seeing the ma- the Doctor, as he called himself.

Ayla sat in a restaurant with a few of her friends, Kaylee and Amber.

"I swear, he had this...device this....sonic screwdriver, he called it," Ayla said, describing the Doctor.

"Never seen it. Where was he from?"

"I don't know," Ayla shrugged. "The only difference I saw when he came out was this blue police box that came out of nowhere."

After dinner, Ayla said goodbye to her friends and started back home. She climbed into her silver car and turned the keys, backing out into the parking lot. She drove out of the lot and onto the road, headed to the hotel where she was staying. She had been kicked out of the apartment while the building was remodeled.

Ayla turned the car around and parked in the hotel lot. She climbed out of the car and locked it. She sighed and pushed through the glass swing doors and climbed inside the elevator. She pushed the three button and leaned against the walls.

Upon arriving at on the third floor, the elevator opened. Ayla made her way out of the elevator as people pushed past her. The elevator chimed and made it's way back down.

Ayla turned to see a familiar blue box. She furrowed her eyebrows and looked down the hall. She shrugged, not seeing anyone, and walked down the hall the opposite way. She turned the corner and started towards her room. She unlocked the door with her key card and pushed open the door.

The Doctor.

He was rummaging through her suitcase. Drawers of her stuff were pulled out and disorganized and clothes were everywhere.

"What are you doing here?" Ayla asked angrily. The Doctor didn't even look at her. He just kept searching her stuff.

"What are you doing in my room?!" Ayla almost shouted.

"You have something. Something's hidden in here that's amazingly important and could destroy the earth if I don't find it so it might be a good idea to shut up."

Ayla huffed and raised her eyebrows. "And what do you suppose I could have that would be capable of doing that? And you do not talk to me like that!"

The Doctor stood up and walked over to her. She took a step back. He took a step forward and towered over her. She swallowed.

The Doctor looked down at her. "I don't know. But what I do know is that it's here. And if I don't find it in exactly one minute and forty-three seconds it will explode and kill the whole earth."

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p.s. bohemian said...

Mika - this was awesome - very true to character - i could totally hear his voice in yours words - great job!

JoAnn - thanks for sharing this w/ us!

Anonymous said...

Well done, Mika. But what happens next? I hope you continue with your story. :)

I'm a home schooling mom, a writer, and a pretty serious Whovian. I found your story while searching for Doctor Who related material that I could use with my kids, particularly my ten year old--who has also written Doctor Who stories which I've shared with the writing community on one of the Doctor Who forums.

Anyway, nice job. Keep writing!