Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Math Salon - May 4th

You're invited to...
A Math Salon

Timberland Lacey Library (meeting room)
May 4, 2011
5pm to 7pm

A Math Salon is a chance for everyone to get together and play at math. We first heard of the term math salon from Math for Love.  My son and I made the hour-long trek up north to attend our first one a few months ago.  I have never seen him so happy and so outgoing.  We've returned twice since.

As much as we love that math salon, there are a few problems with it.  It's an hour away and usually takes place around dinner time.  Gas prices are incredibly high.  Between the two, this free (donations accepted) event is costing us $40 or more.  Gas alone is half of that.  And since we are gone from about 4:15pm to 8:30pm, dinner needs to be considered as well.  We usually eat at the Dick's Drive In one block away.  Plus, there's the fact that we aren't meeting any local people way up there.

So, I decided to try to start a math salon down here.  I don't have a huge selection of games but we have to start somewhere.  If you come, you'll find some dice games like Pig and some games on paper like Hex, Colorful Houses and Sidewalks in Tourist Town, and Euclid's Game.  You find some old favorites like Battleship and Backgammon and some new games that will sure to become favorites like Blokus and Pentago.  You'll find some obvious math in Equate, and you'll find some things to play with like pattern blocks and base 10 blocks.  I have a few more, and I plan to grow our collection as I can.

I hope you can join us.

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Sue VanHattum said...

How did your math salon turn out?