Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Weird Kid

Madelynn is a weird kid in some ways.  She always keeps up laughing or shaking our head at something unusual that she's done.

She's a girly girl in so many ways:

She has a very definite opinion as to what she will wear.  Some days, if you try to put the wrong clothes on her, she just won't have it.  But let her point out what she wants to wear, and she'll put it on without an issue. 

We were shopping recently, and I was showing her various items that I thought were cute.  She clearly vetoed each item until I held up the dress in the picture above.  Her reaction was a very obvious approving, "Ahhhhhh!"   We found a couple of other outfits the same way.

She loves shoes.  Loves them!  The first time I took Josh to buy a pair of shoes, I put some Robeez-type shoes on him on the store to gauge size.  He screamed like we were killing him for 10 minutes.  The first time I took Madelyn to buy a pair of shoes, she wanted every pair I showed her.   She often brings us her shoes and demands that we put them on her.

She also loves phones.  In fact, at about 12-13 months old, she randomly called an unknown person on my cell phone.  He saw the missed call and called back.  I had to apologize for my one year old calling him.  We put a toddler lock app on my phone, but she can get it unlocked.

She loves dresses.  I found a really pretty Easter dress in a small box of hand-me-downs I got from MOPS last year.  When she saw it, she gave another sigh of appreciation.

She likes playing with plastic cards (ie. credit card sized cards) and keys...real ones, not toy ones.

She likes having her finger nails and toe nails painted.  She'll sit still for both the painting and drying time.  Of course, I use quick drying only so it's fast.  (I don't do this regularly...just 2-3 times in her life so far.)

She also has this thing with hygiene:

She calmly sits to have her hair brushed, and she likes bows.  Unfortunately, she likes bows so much that she pulls them out of her hair to look at them.

She likes to have  her teeth brushed and will sit still for it anytime. 

She calmly allows me to clip all of her nails and will even hold out her other hand or foot after I've finished the first one.

She brings wipes to us when her face or hands are dirty and wants them cleaned.

Diaper changes are effortless because she lays still for them.  She's even shown an interest in the potty chair and will sit on it without clothing.  She's peed in it once, but I'm waiting for warmer weather to see if she's really ready for potty training.

She takes other things in stride:

Recently, she awoke in the middle of the night wanting to nurse but having difficulty because her nose was stuffed up.  She couldn't breathe and nurse at the same time.  She let me do a saline rinse in both nostrils without a fuss of any kind.  Afterwards, she blew her nose and let me do the rinse again.  How many kids will let you squeeze a steady stream of salt water up their nose without wiggling, fussing, or crying?

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