Thursday, June 30, 2011

Costco has laminated wall maps!

I don't know if they are at all Costco stores but I thought I'd let you know just in case you were looking for a good map. They have four available at my store:
World Map with Flags
USA Map with Flags
Animals of the World Map
Illustrated World Map

I think I got the correct four. I bought the first two. Then there was one with animals all over it and one with illustrations. It looked like it had major points of interest on it.

They are 37.5 inches by 51.5 inches and half the price that is listed on the manufacturer's website.

And yes, that is a photo of Sam perusing the world map in his pajamas.  He came home from taekwondo tonight and changed directly into pajamas (he gets home at 8:30pm).  He saw the maps and wanted to open them instantly.  He thinks the flags feature is pretty cool.  He also pointed out that they show all of the tiny countries in Europe that many maps don't.  He loves maps.

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