Thursday, July 28, 2011

Decatur Woods Park

It's Thursday again.  That means it is park day for the local homeschool group that we just joined.  This homeschool group has already been such a blessing to us, and it looks like it will continue to be a great blessing in the days/months/years to come. 

Today's park day was at Decatur Woods Park clear over on the west side (meaning 20 minutes away from us).  I vowed to go to all of the park days in hopes my kids would meet some friends their age so off we went.  It turned out to be a nice little park (though not our favorite) with one small flaw.

This is the little kids' play around.  It has steps, a wheel, the small slide, and a small inclined climbing wall.  I liked that the main platform had a roof to protect from rain and sun.

This is the big kids play structure, though the littles enjoyed it just as much.  Mikaela is hanging out with her three new friends. These girls are wonderful.  I'm ecstatic that she's finally met some local friends, and that they are so sweet and caring.  
 There is also a monkey bar set and zip line kind of thing.  Next to the playground is a small shelter with one picnic table and a bathroom with a water fountain.

Josh found a tree to climb.  He climbs two at our house.  Of course, he's always been a climber. 

 The park also has a paved path running through some trees around the rim of the park.  Next to the path is this fancy bench.  I read about the bench while looking up some park information before we left.  This bench, and two other seating arrangements, are part of the "Neighborhood Seating Project".  The three installations combined are supposedly valued at $17,000.  Honestly, I think buying three of the most expensive commercial grade park benches at Home Depot (total cost approximately $3,000) would have been a better option; it could have saved the government...and tax payers...$14,000, but what do I know.


Here's part two of the Neighborhood Seating Project.  I only know that because I recognized it from the photo on the park's website.  We couldn't identify, for sure, the rock that was part three of the project.

Overall, we had a really nice time at this park.  Mikaela hung out and played with her friends.  Samuel had three friends he played with, including one that he met/played with at a previous park day.  Josh found some young ones to play with, as did Madelynn.  The moms and I chatted, and I got the low-down on where to buy produce for half the price of the local grocery store (we stopped buy and brought home four large bags of produce for $40.

Finally, this is the park's major flaw.  The path we followed leads right to this correctional facility.  All I can find about the facility is that it is a privately owned business that it categorized as a job training and rehabilitation facility for ex if you go to this park, don't let your kids wander down the path alone or out of sight.

Street parking is limited to about 4-5 cars, but there is additional parking in the church parking lot (a certain row is signed for the park).  The church also serves as a food bank if you know anyone with that need.

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