Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mysterious Bumps

ETA: We found a sore, much like a large canker sore, inside Maddie's mouth.  We decided to take her in to be seen (our doctor's office has Saturday and Sunday hours).  Turns out this is hand, foot, and mouth disease.

A few days ago, we noticed a bump on the webbing between Maddie's forefinger and thumb.  It's hard/firm and looks like a wart.   We also noticed another small one forming right next to it.

Then this morning, we noticed two more bumps: one on her forehead and one on her cheek near her temple.

That lead us to check out the rest of her.  There's a couple more on her torso and a couple on her foot.

Any ideas what these are?  The fact that they are spreading is disconcerting.

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cadimenon said...

Hi! My daughter has the same. Did you ever find out what it was? I have a few myself... hard bumps but don't itch. Ideas? Thanks!

JoAnn said...

She had hand, foot, and mouth disease.