Saturday, July 16, 2011

Doctor Who Paper Models

A friend of mine found these free printable templates for paper models and shared them with me because she knew I had Doctor Who fans in the house.  Aren't they cute?  They have several different Tardis models, all of the Doctors, many of the supporting characters/companions, and lots of enemies.

My biggest Doctor Who fan is currently camping with dad.  So, I went out and bought cardstock and ink so I could print up a bunch and make them for him to find when he gets home.  He'll be thrilled.

These three are for my other son, and he's having a ball playing with them.  So, if you hear tardis noises, it's only Josh.

*Warning*  These take forever to cut, fold, and assemble.  You are looking at about two hours of work!

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Nicci Lynn said...

I just found your site and really enjoyed your post about homeschool organization. I had a question for you though. We also do SOTW for history and was wondering what you do with their finished work (photos of projects, mapwork, coloring sheets, narrations)? Do you keep it in a separate binder where they can look back through it? Or do you keep if filed away with the other work? Also what do you do with the other work? Do you just keep it until the end of the year? Then do you store it? Put it in binders? Sorry, 20 questions I know! I am trying to revamp our organization for next year so I can shoot out of the gate running (instead of stumbling everywhere, tripping over obstacles I have created myself!). If you prefer to email me, AFarmhouseFull(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks so much in advance!