Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cats and Moving

We moved into our new home yesterday.  We even managed to get all three cats here on the same day.  Watching how they've adjusted, or not, to the new house has been interesting.

Gracie, being the needy cat that he is, was the easiest to catch.  He hated the car ride but survived it fine.  He's adjusted the easiest.  His stuff is here.  His people are here.  All good in the world.

Abby has been freaked out since the first box appeared in the old house, or so it seems.  She did NOT like the car ride.  In fact, she spent the entire ride trying to rip open the box she was placed in.  She has spent most of her time in the new house in hiding, and when she comes out to explore she's rather jumpy.  Overall, though, she is handling this move better than the last.

Pandro wasn't around when we picked up the other cats, so Scott went back for a second try.  We figured he'd be ready for his nightly let-me-in-let-me-out-let-me-back-in-ad-nauseam routine.  We were right.  He didn't sound happy in the box when they arrived.  He's been ok, though super needy (you better pet me NOW!) all night and this morning.

Remember Abby?  Ever since her son, Pandro, arrived at the new house, she has made it clear that she's displeased to find he made the trip as well.  That boy refuses to obey his mama and find his own home!

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