Thursday, October 27, 2011

Week 8 and 9

What a crazy, busy two weeks!  We're moving on Saturday...35 hours from now.

Last week, Mikaela and Samuel completed almost all of their normal school load.  There were a couple of assignments that were dropped but not many.  I didn't manage to get any photos, nor will I have a chance to write out any details.

I did manage to spend some time with Josh and Maddie as well.  I printed off parts of a pumpkin unit study for younger kids, and we did some of it.  I cut out jack-o-lantern parts for them to glue together, than Josh wrote "jack-o-lantern" under it.  He also did some measuring with a pumpkin ruler, which he loved.  I have library books on apples and pumpkins, but Josh hasn't had much interest in being read to lately.  Maddie loves the books, though.  Here's their jack-o-lanterns:

This week, we have focused more on getting our move done.  Mikaela and Samuel still completed some school. They worked on their introduction and conclusion paragraphs for their writing assignment (that never ends).  They did some math.  They completed a chapter of history and did their usual three sessions of Rosetta Stone.  We managed to get one astronomy lab and one geology lab completed.  We were able to get Sam to two of his taekwondo classes, and both kids will be at their flag football lesson tomorrow morning.

We were also told on Monday, that we had to take care of the cleaning of the new house.  Thanks for the last minute notice!  Either we could clean it ourselves and bill them or hire a cleaning service and get reimbursed.  We opted to do the cleaning ourselves.  Sam and I have been going over their each morning to work on it for an hour or two.  He's earning money by helping me out.  While he doesn't clean as fast as I do, he is still working hard, and we are getting more done than I would do alone.  Mika has been helping out with the littles while we clean.

While we're home, I've been bouncing around between packing, helping with school, doing laundry, cooking, and spending a few minutes here and there with the littles.  Today, I also cleaned inside and outside of cabinets and drawers as I emptied them and got the oven looking new again.  Whew!

Here's Maddie's contribution to our work this week:

I have no idea what happened with the photos to cause that weird back-lighting.  Mikaela took the last photo. 

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