Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our New Digs

We're moving next week.  Our new home is totally different from anything I've lived in so it will take some getting used to.  I'm looking forward to having a school room again and having a laundry room for the first time.  I'm worried about the size of the kids' rooms, but we can get bunk beds if we really need them.

Scott and I were there today.  I took my camera long.  They still need to get in there to clean and do a few repairs we noticed.  I hope they get it done before we move in so we don't have to continue to bother then like we did this house.

Anyway, here's the new digs:

Here it is.  The front yard is landscaped and lovely.  We love the large parking pad; it should fit 7 cars, so parking won't be a problem if we want to have a party.  I'm hoping to find a freestanding basketball hoop for the kids.  The area is wooded, and there's a small pond across the street.  We heard frogs today!

This is the view from the front door.  There's a narrow entry that leads to the dining room at the back of the photo.  The carpeted area at the bottom left is the living room.  The opening just behind it leads to the kitchen, family room (school room) and laundry.  That little window way back on the left is a pass through window from the kitchen to the dining room.  On the right, you can see the hallway.

Here's the living room.  You may have noticed in the previous photo that it is a "sunken living room."  I have no idea why you would want to sink the living room.

This is the nicest kitchen I've ever had.  There are tons of cabinets and drawers.  Some of them are pretty cool.  The one over the fridge is really deep; I have no idea what to store of there.  To the left of the gas stove (haven't cooked on a gas stove in 19 years), is a pull out spice rack thingy.  To the left of that is a corner cabinet with a spinning rack.  The kids thought that was cool.  The kitchen sink is deep with a pull down faucet.  The kids are also excited to have a fridge with ice and water in the door...assuming it is hooked up.  I'll need a step stool, I think, because I can't reach the top shelf of any cabinet.

The family room has a wood-burning fireplace.  The doorway at the back is the laundry room.  The slider leads to the backyard, of course.  The entrance to the garage is also in here.  We'll be using this room as our school room.

This is the laundry room.  I haven't had one since I left home.  I won't need all of that cabinet space for just laundry soap.  I wonder what I can store up there.

This is the hallway off to the right of the entry way.  That first door on the right is a coat closet.  Then the boys' room, followed by the girls' room, are on the right.  To the left is a bathroom and then the master bedroom.  The small door at the end is a linen closet.

This is the main bathroom.  It has a tub/shower behind the door.  I love that each kid will have their own drawer.

The master bedroom is smaller than any we've had.  It will fit our bedroom stuff just fine, though I don't know if my craft table will fit.

We'll have a master bathroom to ourselves with tons of storage.

Here's one of the kids' bedrooms.  It's small.  It may not fit two beds and a dresser.  Maddie doesn't have her  own bed yet, but we may have to buy bunk beds rather than buying her a bed.  The boys will probably be able to squeeze into their room by putting Josh's bed perpendicular and under Sam's loft bed.  A bunk bed would probably be better as soon as we can make it happen.

Outside that sliding room in the family room is a very large deck with built in seating.

Here's the rest of the deck.  That area up the three steps just screams, "Perfect place for a nice grill" to me.  We hope to finally buy a grill before next summer.  Then there's a little bridge leading to another deck area that used to have a jacuzzi.  They took it out and filled in the deck.  There is also a large shed on the side of the house.   We're thrilled that the garage will be less crowded.  The backyard is natural (read: mostly dirt, pine needles, and weeds).

We also found a ton of cool-looking mushrooms in our front yard.  Maybe we should do some mycology soon.

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Larry Clemons said...

That place looks awesome! We have cabinets in the laundry room and I store cleaning supplies and even some long term storage pantry items above the washer and dryer. Some of them are to high for me to reach so they go unused. I know you will enjoy the deck in the summer. The kitchen looks great! I wish I had gas to cook on. I am so glad for you guys! I think that even though this comes at the end of another housing upset and move, it will be a real blessing for all of you!

Suswan said...

It looks very nice! You've got lots of room to get creative in the kitchen. It will be a pain to figure out some of the logistics again, but you'll get through it. Very nice. I like it! I can't wait to see it for myself.