Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Hunger Games: Chapter 2

These were our discussion questions for Chapter 2 of The Hunger Games:

1. When Katniss volunteers as tribute, Effie Trinket asks the audience for applause.  What does the audience do instead and what message does it send to the Capitol?

2. Katniss recalls how she and Peeta first met. What two things happen as a result of how the met that assured her survival?

3. The flashback into Katniss' past highlights an important aspect of her character: the will to survive.  What did she do and overcome that shows this?

4. This chapter highlights some of the injustices imposed on District 12 by the Capitol.  How do many people die in District 12?  What is the cause of death according to the Capitol?  How do the people of District 12 react to the discrepancy?

5. Are Haymitch's drunken shouts about people not having enough spunk directed at the Capitol or the people of District 12.  Explain your reasoning.

6.  Katniss questions Peeta's motives for giving her the bread.  What does Peeta do in this chapter that Katniss question?  Why do you think the author focuses so much attention on what Katniss thinks about Peeta's actions?

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