Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Hunger Games: Chapter 3

This is what we'll be discussing for Chapter 3 of The Hunger Games:

1.  After the reaping, the tributes are taken inside the Justice Building where they are visited by friends and family.  Katniss is surprised by a couple of her visits.  Which people surprise her with a visit?  Discuss what is significant about each visit.  Why do you think the author included these visits?

2. During Gale’s visit to Katniss, they discuss the games.  What do they discuss that highlights how the Capitol manipulates the Games to ensure maximum violence?  Why does the Capitol do this?

3. Katniss realizes that if she can forget that the other tributes are people, then the games won’t be much different from hunting.  What happens that illustrates how challenging that will be for Katniss?  Do you believe the author may be foreshadowing events in the arena?

4. Katniss continues to hide her true feelings while Peeta shows that he’s been crying.  What does Katniss think about this?

5.   While on the train, Katniss muses about school.  In what ways does the Capitol use “education” to control the people in District 12?

6. How does the author show the disparities in wealth between the different districts?

7. Madge gave Katniss a gold pin to wear in the arena.  What is significant about the pin?

8. “May the odds be ever in your favor,” is a common refrain in the games.   What indications have shown that the odds are not in Katniss’ and Peeta’s favor?

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