Thursday, February 16, 2012

A New Journal

I've never been one to journal.  My perfectionist tendencies can't handle the imperfection of not journaling every day or not having the nicest handwriting.  I tend to make a few days, rip pages out, and quit.

But I sense I may have a new possibility.

My friend gave me the cutest, most colorful, lovely little journal for my birthday.   It's fairly small, has a ribbon bookmark, and a magnetic closure.  I love magnetic closures.  Yeah, I know its weird to have a special affinity for magnetic closures on books.

It's it just adorable?

I wasn't sure what I could do with it.  Like I said, I don't journal.  But then I ran across an art form, stylized doodling really, known as Zentangle.  Zentangle is actually a trademarked name, complete with certified zentangle teachers.  It only took me a little while to figure out the gist of it.  Others have come up with zentangle-inspired doodles. From what I'm seen, I liked the inspired doodles best.  They are right up my alley as a person who enjoys repetitive doodling that hasn't evolved into more than a single doodle.  I put the two together and decided that I'd fill this little book with doodles even though it is full of ruled paper.  I may even use the doodles and an inspiration to journal a bit to go along with them.

I decided to try doodling a letter for my first page.  The second page is based on a heart, but it isn't done year.  I'm looking forward to filling more pages and seeing if my doodles evolve into some of the more involved pieces I've seen on the net like...

This lovely one with a flower in it
Or color works like these

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