Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Hunger Games: Chapter 5

1.  While Katniss undergoes three hours of waxing, removing all of the naturally growing hair on her legs, arms, torso, and underarms, she contemplates how her prep team doesn't even seem human to her.  In fact, she's not embarrassed to stand naked in front of them because of how inhuman they seem.  What is unusual about the prep team?  How does that make them seem less than human?  What are your feelings about these kinds of alterations in today's world?

2. While Katniss is thinking about her prep team appearing inhuman because of their alterations, the prep team doesn't think she looks human until she's been altered.  Why do you think they feel this way?  How is today's world like the prep team?  Do you think our society will become more or less like the prep team in the future?  Why or why not?

3. After the prep team is finished with her, Katniss smiles and thanks them, explaining that District 12 members don't have much cause to look nice.  Is this how she really feels?  Why do you think she says this?

4. Although Katniss was not embarrassed by her prep team seeing her without clothing, she is self-conscious when Cinna looks her over.  Why does she react differently to him?

5.  Katniss imagines what it would take to assemble her lunch with Cinna.  She also wonders what the Capitol people do with their free time, with food appearing at the touch of a button.  Discuss the differences between the Capitol and District 12.

6. Describe Katniss' costume for the opening ceremonies.  How does the costume reflect District 12's principal industry?  How does Cinna allow the real Katniss to shine through the costume?

7. Katniss realizes that Cinna has given her a great advantage.  What is the advantage and why will it be important in the coming games?

8. Why is it "not really fair to present [Katniss and Peeta] as a team?"  How might this change the games?  How does this foreshadow what is coming?

9.  After the opening ceremonies, Peeta lets his feelings for Katniss show through.  Instead of believing him, what does Katniss think of Peeta?  What does Katniss do to hide what she is thinking about Peeta?

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