Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Hunger Games: Chapter 6

Some of my questions require knowledge of future chapters to discuss fully.  For other chapters, click here.

1. Effie explains to Katniss that she's been trying to get sponsors for the District 12 tributes by playing up how they have both struggled to overcome the barbarism of their district.  Barbarism refers to savage brutality or cruelty in actions.  How is it ironic that Effie, a Capitol resident, is arguing that Katniss has overcome the barbarism of her district?

2.  When Katniss recognizes the Avox girl, there is instant tension at the table.  Haymitch and Effie both tell her she couldn't possibly know an Avox.  Peeta comes to the rescue with the idea that she looks just like Delly Cartwight.  Given how the Capitol treats "traitors", Peeta's rescue may have saved Katniss' life for the second time.  Discuss the significance of event.

3. While reviewing the opening ceremonies, Haymitch asks whose idea it was for Katniss and Peeta to hold hands.  When he finds out it was Cinna's idea, he replies, "Just the perfect touch of rebellion. Very nice."  Discuss the significance of Haymitch's comment in light of the coming games and the trilogy as a whole.

4. How does the conversation on the rooftop illustrate how the tributes are prisoners of the Capitol?

5. Peeta asks about Gale.  Is he just curious or is there more to his questioning?

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