Thursday, March 29, 2012

March Blues

Have you noticed that my post count goes way down during February and March?  I have.  It's a symptom of the almost spring blues that many homeschoolers get.  This time of year is when many fall into a rut, get burned out, and start questioning their decision to homeschool.  I just start homeschooling less and blogging less.  I have no interest in any of it.  I want spring.  I want summer.  And I want it now.

But instead I get rain, rain, rain.  In fact, today I saw ducks waddling across the rain flooded road.

We are still here and we are still doing things that count as school.  Mikaela is done with poetry.  Samuel, my ever motivated student, is done with grammar, vocabulary, poetry, and history.  I'm having to get creative in finding work for him to do, because although he is done with most of his curricula, he still has to report to our school.

So, what are we doing?  A lot of reading.  Since reading The Hunger Games, we've been very slowly rereading THG while discussing it.  We're being slowed down by my ability to read the chapter and the cliff notes and come up with the questions.  Anything teacher intensive tends to move slowly in our house.  But we also got on a young adult dystopian novel kick and have read quite a few of them.  Maybe I'll write a post listing them and a brief review.  Some have been better than others but they all have something to think about. I'm even considering doing a dystopian lit class for high school using the more difficult classics in the genre.

We've also continued with the curricula that isn't yet finished.  Mikaela has more of that to do.  We've come to a screeching halt with math while I remediate some areas that need work.  It looks like we'll do fractions for a third time because she's still having trouble with them at times.  They are working through their astronomy texts on their own.  We've quit the weather and geology and may or may not come back to them.  Our curricula was just too dry.

We changed our plans for history due to issues with our virtual academy.  Initially, my plan was to go through Story of the Word 4 over a year and a half.  But instead, we sped (are speeding through for Mika) the story book and then will revisit the major events for an indepth look through library books, literature, and some projects.  Because Sam finished the book so quickly, we've started the indepth part now rather than waiting until next year.  We're taking the rest of the school year to go over the Civil War.  We've had a good and interesting start.  I hope to blog what we are doing and using as we go along.  It's pretty cool!

So that's what we've been up to?  How's the near spring months treating you?

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