Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Impromptu Art

We had some guests over yesterday so I pulled out some art supplies to do an impromptu abstract art project.

The original idea used canvases, masking tape, and acrylic paints.  I didn't have canvas and didn't want six kids using acrylic paints, so I adapted and used watercolor paper and chalk pastels.

This was Mika's finished product.

Maddie used oil pastels more than chalk pastels and didn't color everything in.  But you can still see where some of the tape had been, and she had a lot of fun turning herself pink.

This is what my table looked like when we were done.  If you  look closely, the whole thing is covered in colorful chalk dust.  It still looks like this today, 24 hours later.  I don't want to clean up the mess!

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