Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Superstar? No way!

Sarah over at Amongst Lovely Things won't a wonderful blog post entitled "Why I'm No Homeschool Superstar" back in January.  You really have to read it.  Go.  Now.

As a mom who has been accused on more than one occasion of being a homeschool superstar, I've got to say I believe people have a tendency to look at what others are doing and feel inadequate about themselves.  The truth is that we all have different talents and different priorities.  I feel inadequate all. the. time.  Honest.

We don't do copywork.

We don't do narrations.

We don't do lapbooks.  Well, we did one several years ago.

As a Christian mom, I'm a failure at Bible.  I hope to remedy that.

We skimp on writing.  We've done two writing assignments this year.  Two.

We certainly don't do Latin!

I've neglected my younger two kids for the past two years.  Sitting them in front of the TV instead of finding the time to interact with them on a daily basis.

Everyone has something they don't do that they wish they did or think they should.  We all need to do the best that we can for our own families.  If there is something you truly think you need to change, figure out what has to go in order to make that change.  Next year is all about my younger two kids; they've waited too long for my attention.  

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