Monday, May 7, 2012

The Best Day

Sunday, May 6th, turned out to be one of the best days ever.  It was just truly such a nice day.

I woke up and went straight to the shower.  This got us off to a good start.  I was dressed and ready for church and had plenty of time to cook and eat breakfast before church.  There was no rushing around before church.

At church, we started a new series called Forty Days in the Word.  I found myself rather interested in this one, so we finally got around to joining a small group as that study involves Sunday services, small group study, weekly memory verses, and daily devotionals.  Pastor's message went over the reliability of the Bible, and I found myself in awe of some of the history and probability statistics surrounding the Bible.  It was a great sermon.  I really enjoyed it.  (Someone brought the freshest, yummiest donuts to church, too.  I had a half of a chocolate-iced, raised donut with coconut.  Yum!)

After church, I had a brief conversation with our pastor.  This is a testament to how awesome our church is.  I've always had a thing about church authority and avoided talking to pastors.

Then we headed off to a quick stop at Safeway for our contribution to the small group snack/meal.  (We didn't know ahead of time what was needed so I couldn't prepare something at home.)  We got there, and the kids headed off to visit with their friends while Scott and I chatted with the adults.  We had a great lunch and enjoyed the company.  Then we called our two oldest kids down to watch the video with us.  We released the kids after for more play while the adults discussed the questions in the workbook.  It was a good discussion, and I felt fairly comfortable there.

At the end of the our small group time, Sam was invited to his friend's house.  This was especially exciting to me.  Sam hasn't had the best luck at finding good friends and getting invites.  I didn't even have to think before saying yes.  So he went off with them while the rest of us went home.

At home, Scott and Maddie had a nice little nap.  Josh enjoyed the sprinklers and hose out front.  This was another exciting moment because just over a year ago, I would have never allowed one of my kids his age outside without adult supervision.  It was just too unsafe.  So, they'd either get stuck indoors until I was ready to sit out there and watch them, or I'd have to sit outside bored watching them play.  Here, he can head outside and play while I can do my own thing.  Mika and I did our own thing.  It was a nice quiet afternoon.

Finally, we piled into the car to go pick up Sam.  His friend lives 50 minutes away (we knew that before saying yes) on a "farm".  We were all excited to see their new pig, which had wandered onto their property recently.  They have no idea where he belongs, just that he spent the previous week at a neighbor's property.  Well, when we got there, we found a paradise.  Land covered in lush, green grass, some trees, a river next to their property, very friendly chickens, a cute pig, etc.  We got a tour of their very clean barn and shop.  They have an air hockey table, and Scott and I got to play a game.  (We used to play on dates before marriage.)  The kids, and Scott, played with their air soft guns and stomp rocket.  The kids all held and petted the chickens.  I expected to stay about 30 minutes...enough time to pick up Sam and take a quick look at the pig...but we were there two hours.

This chicken was very friendly.  If you were patient, it would come up to you on its own accord.

On the way home, we saw lots of cows (lots of calves), horses, a herd of llamas, and a flock of sheep.  We stopped for milk shakes on the way home too.

We got home just before 9:30pm.  We threw on some warmer shirts/jackets and headed out with the telescope.  We knocked on our neighbor's door, because we had invited him to view with us earlier.  Then we viewed Mizar and Alcor (the bend in the Big Dipper's handle is two stars), Venus (22% illuminated), Mars, Arcturus (a -0.05 magnitude star in the constellation Bootes), and Saturn.   It's cool that we can see Venus's cycles.  Saturn was the big wow of the night.  We were even able to make out two moons.  One would obviously be Titan.  The other was very faint, but it's positioning made it obvious it was a moon. So even though we are in the middle of the city, and three of our neighbors have very bright outdoor lights, we were still able to see some exciting things.

We finally headed back inside about 11:00pm and sent the kids off to bed.  It was a great day.

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