Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We were suppose to raise tadpoles last year.  It was a suggestion in our science text, so we went out to the local pond and collected some eggs.  They never hatched.  Now we think we had salamander eggs.  Apparently, they are hard to hatch and look like frog eggs.  There WERE salamanders in the pond too.

This year, thanks to the generosity of another homeschool family, we have three tadpoles to raise.  They are hanging out in a 10 gallon fish tank on my kitchen counter.  The kids have been enjoying them so far.

We've been refreshing their water with lake water which contains food for them too.  It couldn't be easier.

They hatched about a week and a half ago and are just a tad over half an inch long.  We think they are Pacific Tree Frogs, which are abundant around here.

We've always enjoyed all of the critters we've raised, whether they are our pets or just temporary guests. I highly recommend raising critters with kids.  So far we've had:

cats (we have three currently)
dogs  (we currently have one)
goldfish  (Mika has three)
painted lady caterpillars
triops (they are cool!)
pill bugs
and soon we are expecting praying mantises

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