Monday, June 25, 2012

I've Decided That I'm Nuts

I finally got around to joining the local astronomy club and taking DS10 to the student meetings a few months ago.  Because of the club, he has people who are interest in and understand what he's talking about when it comes to astronomy, and he was able to view the Venus transit last month. He LOVES it.

They are having a star party next month.  He REALLY wants to go, so I agreed.  I agreed to....

Driving 4 hours away with three kids, ages 10, 5, and 3 (Update: We're leaving the 5 and 3 year old at home.)

Camping for four nights

Using a port-a-potty for four days

Having no running water or electricity for four days

Enduring 90-100 degree day time temps and 50 degree night time temps...trying to keep the kids cool enough during the day and warm enough at night

Enduring moderate to high winds throughout the days, sometimes strong enough to blow tents away....we've been told to bring extra long, extra strong stakes and extra rope

Living with 3am to 10:30am quiet hours...those really into star gazing may be up all night even and keeping the littles quiet in the morning

Camping without fire...propane grills and stoves only

Camping without any white light at all...only red-filtered smaller flashlights allowed (nothing larger than 2D cell flashlight)

Doing all of this without DD12 or DH to help. DD12 doesn't want to go.  We decided she could skip if she could find a friend's house to crash at during the day while DH is at work.  She did.  Can't ask friends to take DS5 and DD3 for three days though.

My biggest fear is DS5 breaking someone's super expensive telescope.

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Unknown said...

It sounds fun! I have been missing see you and the family lately! Hope we get to hear about this adventure!